Three Moons

The night has crossed over into the wee hours, and the sky isn’t perfect for viewing. But if I look low and toward the east, I can spot just a sliver of the waning moon rising from behind a lumbering cloud. Hours ago it rained, but the welkin remnants can’t dim my excitement when I spy the thin illumination. Whatever her phase, Luna is always a comfort and company to me when she is visible, and like most, I use feminine terms to describe her. The moon is the quintessential feminal form, and when only a slim curve of it appears, I am reminded of one of the most ancient symbols associated with womanhood–waxing and waning crescents flanking a full moon–often referred to as the Triple Goddess symbol.

Dating from as far back as the 6th Century BCE, this lunar emblem is thought to have first been associated with the Greek goddess Hectate. It is also commonly viewed as a triad with the Roman goddess Diana in her huntress, moon, and underworld incarnations. But it has appeared throughout time in many mythological and religious pantheons and is often interpreted as the three phases of womanhood that all women will, should we endure, pass through: Maid, Mother, Crone.

Because so many women identify strongly with Luna, I’ve created many wearable pieces in her image over the years. The pendant pictured here is hand cut, hammered, and formed from the “moon metal,” silver (sterling), and features a radiant drop of Triple-A grade moonstone—so luminous it is as if it fell from the moon itself. It doesn’t show in these images, but with movement, the stone flashes a beautiful, iridescent blue. For the first time, I’ve suspended the symbol from a bar of hammered silver attached to a black leather cord. At 17 inches in length, it falls perfectly just below the well of the clavicle on most women. An inch and a half sterling chain extender at the clasp is included for those who prefer a little more room. I call her “Three Moons,” and she’s available for purchase here on my website. If this special piece becomes yours, I wish you all the myriad blessings of the Moon Goddess, including grace, compassion, and unconditional love. ♥