The Portal – SOLD


This piece is SOLD. Please contact me if you would like to have one made.

As a doorway, entrance, or gate, the portal is a popular metaphor in literature as the gateway to other worlds both literal and figurative. One of my favorite childhood books by C.S. Lewis uses a wardrobe to serve as the entry to a world where animals talk, mythical beasts abound, and magic reigns. Common to every portal is the understanding that whatever lies beyond will differ (often dramatically) from what comes before, and so as much as anything I think of it as a symbol of transition. Inspired by the architecture of temple doors in many parts of Asia, this talisman is fabricated from copper, sterling silver, and African turquoise, and seeks to imbue its wearer with the courage to walk through to whatever awaits you on the other side, traveling mercies included. Measures approximately 2.25″ x 2.5″ and includes an 18″ metal mesh cord with 2″ chain extender as pictured (in antique copper or gunmetal) unless otherwise specified.