The Beauty of Broken Things in Sterling Silver (Wabi Sabi) (R)


I once felt moved to tell a woman shamed by her thick scars about the concept of “Wabi Sabi”—a Japanese aesthetic that finds the beauty in imperfection, holding that anything that has been broken and mended is more beautiful, unique, and stronger at the broken places, and more highly prized than a piece that is deemed “perfect.” Not just visual, this aesthetic is also an outlook on life—a reconsideration of the beautiful and the imperfect.

May this talisman remind you that your scars–whether psychic or physical–should be used to transform your life as part of your unique story, understanding that you are prized, and more beautifully human, precisely because you have been broken. This wonderful piece is fabricated from copper and sterling silver, and measures approximately 1.25″ x 1.50″ and includes an 18″ metal mesh cord with 2″ chain extender as pictured (in antique copper or gunmetal) unless otherwise specified.