E-097 Ginkgo Earrings (A Long and Happy Life)


Native to China, the beloved ginkgo is venerated around the world, and probably best-known as a symbol of fortitude and longevity. Survivors of the Hiroshima nuclear blast included six ginkgo trees and though experts predicted nothing would be able to grow there for at least 75 years, the ginkgos have endured. It is expected they will live to be 3000 years old. A natural partner to the ginkgo, Jade is known as the gem of good fortune and happiness, often called “The Jewel of Heaven.” Together, the ginkgo and jade represent an aspirational pairing–a long and happy life.

Earrings measure approximately 1.125″ across with a drop of approximately 2.25″ from top of earwire. They are fabricated from copper, sterling, and jade.