Pendants & Necklaces


“Deb is an award winning artisan and a favorite of our patrons. A huge fan myself, I own many of her stunning handcrafted pieces.”
~ Kim Johnson, Director of Art in Speed Park

Artist Deb Chenault is a juried, exhibiting member of the Kentucky Arts Council’s Kentucky Crafted program (The Kentucky Crafted Market)
and the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen.


“Deb’s jewelry is stunning…I always feel a healing in Deb’s presence. I feel that same warmth when I wear her jewelry, and I know it shines out, because people always smile and comment that they love my jewelry.”
~ Marcie Christensen, former Director, Fransisco’s Farm Art Fair


“…it all has the right energy…amazing! I love mine so much… the perfect mix–classy and primitive and stylish and raw.”
~ Melissa Oesch, artist

“Deb is the most inspired jeweler I know. Her pieces are so innovative and fresh.”
~ Virginia “Gin” Petty, lifetime member of the Kentucky Guild of Artists & Craftsmen

“I wear Deb’s jewelry every single day …for well over 7 years. It fills my heart with so much joy.❤ Folks are losing out if they don’t own their very own piece created by Twelfth House Designs!” ~ Sandy Davis, artist

“There’s a corner on my dresser that is occupied with a collection of jewelry…I call it Deb’s corner. I’ve accumulated quite the collection…there is a special energy in her pieces that offer me daily delight in wearing a feeling of luxury, whimsy, protection, indulgence and offering to the goddess of art.” ~ Jan Richardson Hoss, customer/collector

“Deb’s pieces are earthy, elegant, original…while most jewelry is aesthetically pleasing it is purely ornamental. Through her imaginative vision she has managed to elevate [her jewelry] to art.” ~ Rosa Kerr, customer/collector

Photos by Kopana Terry

March 31, 2020