P-023 The Seven Sisters -SOLD


The subject of legend in nearly every culture, the “Seven Sisters” name is from Greek mythology, where seven beautiful sisters were ardently pursued by Orion until Zeus took pity on them, turning them into a flock of doves that flew to freedom and protection in the night sky. Though telescopic observation has revealed that this open cluster we now call The Pleiades is comprised of some four hundred stars wreathed in a complex nebulæ of dust and gas, in antiquity, only seven stars were visible to the naked eye. My hope is that this talisman celebrates with its wearer the wonder of the night sky, bringing her the protective power of Zeus, and the freedom of the dove.

Fabricated from copper and sterling silver, this pieces measures approximately 1.75″ x 2.0″ and includes an 18″ metal mesh cord with 2″ chain extender as pictured (in antique copper or gunmetal) unless otherwise specified.